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" We were already using QuickBooks, each month all oil and gas data had to be input again into a different program to run our monthly Revenue Distribution and Joint Interest Billing Invoices. Basically, it was double the workload. Once we made the transition, which has now been several years ago, SherWare has saved us time and money, not to mention how easy it is to work with the program. No more double the work, and when help is needed you guys are always there to assist with any questions. I’ve been in Oil & Gas for 35 years, and SherWare is my preferred oil and gas software for sure! "
-Joanna Iz at Proven Reserves in Dallas, Texas
" SherWare has been a life saver. We have been with SherWare since 2000. It was by accident that one day we received a card about this company that integrated with QuickBooks. That was our answer to our situation. We really didn't need a massive oil and gas accounting system that was way out of our league since we were a small independent oil and gas company. Currently, we are running 6 oil and gas companies through SherWare and it has been so easy to use. "
-Marilyn Goines at Fox Operating in Dallas, Texas
" SherWare completely automates all of the functions needed to run the back office of our oil & gas company. The integration with QuickBooks provides a seamless system for all of our financial needs. It is easy to use and automates all the crucial functions for accounting including all revenue, expenses and royalty payments.. "
-Guthrie Chamberlain at Old South Oil in Marietta, Ohio
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