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JIBs with QuickBooks - Absolutely Free!
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Phil Sherwood

CEO + Developer, SherWare, Inc.
What You Will Learn On This Free Demo:
How to Process JIBs Quickly
See how to shorten the time it takes each month so the majority of your time running joint interest billings isn't spent deciphering and entering data.
The Way to Automate Data Entry
Stop manually entering data every time and reduce errors and speed up your processes -- including AFEs and prepayments into your QuickBooks company.
Why QuickBooks WILL Work For You
Never figured out how to get QuickBooks to work with your oil and gas company? See how we integrate in real-time with QuickBooks for amazing reports.
What others think about the software & pricing info below 

Work is effortless now!

"I love the software. I have been a Quickbooks user since Quickbooks started and to be able to work back and forth effortlessly is great. I would recommend it for its ease of use and especially for anyone wanting flow-thru data for QuickBooks. I also like the reports for Revenue and JIB's." 

- Linda Logsdon at Athan, Inc.

Easiest platform to learn on

"I was new to the oil and gas industry when I began using the JIB system, and was quickly relieved when I found how user friendly the system was. I have been using Sherware for three years now and could not do my job without it!" 

- Leslie Barnadyn at B&B Production Co., LLC

SherWare automates everything and works with QuickBooks

"We have used SherWare for over 10 years and have found it to be an excellent program for oil and gas accounting. The integration with QuickBooks provides a seamless system for all of our financial needs. SherWare completely automates all of the functions needed to run the back office of our oil & gas company. It is easy to use and automates all the crucial functions for accounting including all revenue, expenses and royalty payments." 

- Guthrie Chamberlain at Old South Oil, LLC

SherWare checks off all the boxes

"SherWare checks off all the boxes. Not only is the product and what it offers a complete fit to our needs but the staff makes the product what it truly is. The response time is quick and no matter what the issue they handle it with professionalism and courtesy." 

- Tina Catalono at Wilkes Energy, Inc. 

SherWare's been great value for the money for 18+ years

"Choosing software for you company needs can be a laborious task. Unless you have a custom program written, no software will meet your needs 100%. I have worked in the software development industry and experience has shown me to avoid custom programs if at all possible. Buying the most expensive software does not guarantee a better product and buying the least expensive software does not mean you will have to deal with more compromises. 

SherWare is a GREAT value for your money. I have had very FEW compromises, they address problems in a very timely manner AND they address enhancements as a software development company should. Support is great. If you have any software user experience, you understand how important this is. Wow, rereading what I have written sounds like I am writing a marketing statement but I assure you I am an end-user and my company has been using SherWare for almost 20 years." 

- Nasha Hamra at Noumenon, N-K and EBTB Companies

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